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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why Xiaomi so fenomenal and fastly booming?

Why Xiaomi so fenomenal and fastly booming? - She was only 4 years old, but his name has become a conversation and even juxtaposed with multinational giants. Yes, Xiaomi is a phenomenal smartphone vendors, and of course there is a reason why it all happened.
Although received instant popularity, in fact Xiaomi not get all of it because of luck. Their efforts are not as easy as turning the palm of the hand.
Here's some background that makes smartphone vendor Xiaomi termed as phenomenal, as quoted from The Next Web, Tuesday (08/12/2014).
Crazy Fans
In addition to the famous Apple fans lining up like the latest iPhone days before the IPO, then the fan boy Xiaomi even crazier. They do not just 'sweetener' but also the enthusiast who is really crazy.
The Next Web never recounted his experience when he saw the launch of the latest smartphone Xiaomi. And how shocked western journalist saw people flocking to rush into the show room.
In fact, never before seen in an event security guard must prevent the entry of the fan boy. They had an argument with the security guard.
Instead, the flood of fan boy who wants to get it not only makes the security guards were overwhelmed, but also makes the journalists locked from the outside because there is no more place to go.
Cheap Price
One of the newest flagship phones from Xiaomi are MI3 the last official release late 2013. This handset has premium specifications. Call it a 1.8 GHz quad-core processor Nvidia, 5-inch full HD display, 13 megapixel camera and a casing made of metal.
The price only in the range of $ 300 when it launched, quite far below similar phones from major vendors. But in truth, Xiaomi can still achieve a profit in the sale of MI3 though the price is cheap.
"I think they generate at least $ 100 profit from each MI3," said Minatake Kashio, Director Fomalhaut Techno Solutions. It expected, the cost of making MI3 in the range of USD 157.
Another thing that makes Xiaomi can generate profits with cheap mobile phones is they do not spend a lot of money to advertise in the traditional way. Xiaomi also do not have a physical store itself, the extravagant cost of employees and other expenses. Yes, Xiaomi sells cell phone through e-commerce.
Xiaomi has its own online store, and also sells its products in, one of the largest online retailers in China. They not only sell the handset, but accessories such as headphones, even a shirt or a doll.
Doll rabbit mascot Xiaomi his form, it turns out quite a demand and generate revenue not less. These dolls had sold 180 thousand units in 2012 alone.
To increase brand awareness, promotion Xiaomi rely on social networks, journalists or by word of mouth through which fans dubbed Mi fans.

Hunger Marketing
The first phase of sales Xiaomi MI3 last October and sold 100 thousand units sold out within 2 minutes. Seven days later, there is a new second stage with the same quantity of units, and also sold out in quick time.
There is a reason why the amount sold fairly limited. In addition to pop up to the hype, Xiaomi is also only at some risk due to handling inventory a little, not a lot directly.
However, this method is a weakness, especially if the interest of consumers is very large. Last year, Xiaomi phone Hongmi receive 7.4 million pre-orders, while the limited supply of mobile phones.
Indeed, in the end, the claim sold thousands of units in a short time is part of the marketing strategy. And later became a controversy which is not likely to stick in self Xiaomi.
Not so long ago, Taiwan's Fair Trade campaign because Xiaomi punish 'hunger marketing' does. The Chinese vendor accused of exaggerating its sales so it looks precious and hard to find.
Trade tactics undertaken by Xiaomi is not justified, and the Taiwan Trade Commission threatened fines of USD 20 thousand.

Hugo Barra
Xiaomi ifferent reasons for success in China is likely something that can be replicated abroad. Xiaomi is a company that was born to be global from the start though started in China.
It can dililhat of employees consisting of various international technology companies - among them are alumni of Microsoft and Google. Even they plow Hugo Barra, a former vice president who is also the boss of Google Android.
Barra admitted that he had noticed Xiaomi from the beginning and he was very impressed with the Rom made ​​by the company earlier.
"I'm very proud of the tremendous job you did with MIUI. Xiaomi is a big Android supporter and a very important part of the Android ecosystem in China. Now I believe the whole world is ready to learn from Xiaomi," she says then.
Xiaomi CEO Lei said in June that Barra, who moved to Beijing, could help make the Xiaomi MIUI better and accelerate the company's global ambitions.
Well, that’s why Xiaomi become famous and fenomenal and growing fast although it is a brand from Chinese.

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