Gionee Also Known as Himax In Indonesia

Gionee Also Known as Himax In Indonesia – If you search about Gionee’s smartphone in Indonesia you may find that there’s no longer Gionee in Indonesia. But you’ll find Himax, that has similar and moreover same spesification with Gionee. For example, Gionee Elife E7 mini and Himax Pure III. They are have same spesifications. But the rumors is, some of Gionee’s phone spesifications has been discharged, like RAM capacity or another.
Himax has a great disposable in Indonesia. Himax Pure III become its flagship now. You can find how Indonesia phone users are interested with this Himax Pure series on the some online forums like Kaskus.
Why Gionee or Himax are very welcome in Indonesia?
I think the reason is simple. Because Himax has a good quality but tagged with reached prices. Although Gionee didn’t use traditional way to promote its product like advertising through TV ads, in fact, now Himax become popular.
What’s people like from Gionee/ Himax?
Firstly, based on me, Gionee has a good camera quality. I’m so interested when i was found some captures sample of Pure I on Kofipon page (phone photography community). It’s camera result was so clear and natural.
Secondly, it is good in design and phone material. In comparison Gionee with some branded phone like Samsung or Iphone, we can say that Gionee is good enough. Gionee isn’t a legume product, right?
Thirdly, Gionee phones have high spesifications although its price so cheap than another brand. But, this spesifications not only good above paper but it is really good. Most of users said that they’re satisfied with Gionee phones.
Fourthly, and absolutely its low prices.

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